1.Ethanol industry

Bio-fuel oil, mostly know the one component inside is ethanol but how many peoples who know how ethanol comes from. To get ethanol for both food and Bio-fuel oil, the enzymes are needed in manufacturing. Regarding the manufacturing, to be competitive in the aggressive market, lowest production cost saving, maximum yield are mainly focusing. Iknowzyme is the latest enzyme technology for the leader who would like to be successful.

Ethanol  industry

Type of Enzyme Product                     Application                                        
Amylase                                             High Temp Alpha Amylase                                                     Medium Temp Alpha Amylase
Low Temp Alpha Amylase
iknowzyme HTAA 30 L                   iknowzyme HTAA 40 L               iknowzyme HTAA 150 L           iknowzyme HTAA 180 L           iknowzyme MTAA                         iknowzyme LTAA It can immediately hydrolyze starch, dextrin and soluble oligosaccharides in the α-1,4 glucosidase bond.
 Amylase + Pectinase iknowzyme HTAA 150 Plus This enzyme catalytic starch degradation and can decompose pectin from plant material.
 Glucoamylase iknowzyme GA 150 L                     iknowzyme GA 200 L               iknowzyme GA 200 L             iknowzyme GA 300 L It can be used for converting  starch to glucan in variant hind of food and non-food industry.
 Glucoamylase + Pullulanase iknowzyme GA Plus iKnowZyme GA Plus is evolution for enzyme Glucoamylase plus pullulanase It can be excellent used for the scarification process in the industry of alcohol.
 Pectinase iknowzyme PN can decompose pectin from plant material prevent fruit juice Haze after expressed. Effectively degrade soluble and insoluble pectin and hemi-cellulose, etc.
 Pullulanase Iknowzyme PL It hydrolyzes the α-1,6-glucosidic linkages and effectively effect on branched chain starch and work in other enzymes.it can quicken reaction speed and improve the content of glucoamylase and maltose.
 Free  alpha-amine-nitrogen iKnowZyme FAAN  iKnowZyme FAAN enzyme hydrolyzes the proteins in the molasses to  yield  more FAAN  in  the  system.
 Yeast iYeast iYeast product is specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast resistant to high temperature, alcohol and acid, and can be widely applied in the alcohol.
 Bio Boost Nutrient for yeast Bio-Boost should be added during the fermentation phase of alcohol production
 Antibiotic VR sure ,VR sure APV VRsure antimicrobial is intended use in ethanol fermentations. It contains a proprietary combination of virginiamycin and antibiotics (A) that inhibit the broadest range of common fermentation contaminations, i.e Lactobacillus sp.
 Antifoam , Defoamers  Antifoam SCP Unlike the common silicone Antifoam of oily consistency Antifoam SCP has strongly polar characteristics and is therefore well compatible with many aqueous and other, polar system ; above all if these systems contain wetting agents.

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