6.Food , starch industry


Food  industry

Type of Enzyme Product Application
Dextranase iKnowZyme DN iKnowZyme Dextranase  is  a  liquid  enzyme  for  application  to  sugar -cane production process. This  enzyme reduces starch and dextran.
Pectinase iKnowZyme PN iKnowZyme Pectinase can decompose pectin from plant material, Prevent fruit juice haze after expressed.
Lipase iKnowZyme LP Is Triacylglycerol lipase can achieve the great effect at dough-strengthening,so as to improve the structure/quality/volume of bread.
Amylase                                               High Temp Amylase  
                                                                                                                           Medium Temp Amylase                   Low Temp Amylase
iknowzyme HTAA 30 L               iknowzyme HTAA 40 L           iknowzyme HTAA 150 L         iknowzyme HTAA 180 L                     iKnowZyme MTAA                   iKnowZyme LTAA It can immediately hydrolyze starch, dextrin and soluble oligosaccharides in the α-1,4 glucosidase bond.
Amylase + Pectinase iknowzyme HTAA 150 Plus iKnowZyme HTAA150 Plus is a compound heat stable alpha-amylase  and pectinase This enzyme catalytic starch degradation  and can decompose pectin from plant material
Glucoamylase iknowzyme GA 150 L             iknowzyme GA 100 L             iknowzyme GA 150 L             iknowzyme GA 200 L             iknowzyme GA 250 L             iknowzyme GA 300 L It can be used for converting  starch to glucan in variant hind of food and non-food industry such as  brewing  alcoholic beverage.
Protease iknowzyme PT iknowzyme  Protease can be used in mashing process, to catalyze .protein hydrolysis into low molecular  peptide and amino acid.
Pectinase+Xylanase+Pectinase iknowzyme PXC iKnowZyme PXC preparation which helps to rupture the cell wall of pineapple Thereby facilitates the release of juice from pineapple fruit, pulp and peels. It is food grade product.


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