Alcohol,sugar , starch  industry

Type of Enzyme Product Application
Amylase                                             High Temp Amylase                                                                                                                                               Medium Temp Amylase                      Low Temp Amylase    iknowzyme HTAA 30 L           iknowzyme HTAA 40 L           iknowzyme HTAA 150 L         iknowzyme HTAA 180 L               iKnowZyme MTAAiKnowZyme LTAA It can immediately hydrolyze starch, dextrin and soluble oligosaccharides in the α-1,4 glucosidase bond.
Amylase + Pectinase iknowzyme HTAA 150 Plus iKnowZyme HTAA150 Plus is a compound heat stable alpha-amylase  and pectinase This enzyme catalytic starch degradation  and can decompose pectin from plant material.
Glucoamylase iknowzyme GA 100 L             iknowzyme GA 150 L             iknowzyme GA 100 L             iknowzyme GA 150 L             iknowzyme GA 200 L             iknowzyme GA 250 L             iknowzyme GA 300 L It can be used for converting  starch to glucan in variant hind of food and non-food industry such as  brewing  alcoholic beverage,
Dextranase iKnowZyme DN iKnowZyme Dextranase  is  a  liquid  enzyme  for  application  to  sugar -cane Production process.  This  enzyme reduces starch and dextran .

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