Beta Amylase

iKnowZyme Beta-amylase is extracted from wheat origin, which has biology catalyzing activity and is produced by modern technique. It has good thermostability without peculiar odor. iKnowZyme Beta-amylase is a kind of excision amylase that catalyzes the release of successive maltose units by hydrolyzing 1,4-α-D glycosidic linkages of dextrin chain from non-reducing end to produce maltose.
  • Specification
    oo Liquid

    iKnowZyme Beta-amylase

  • Benefits

    ✓High concentration

    ✓This product has good thermostability and strong catalyzing activity.

    ✓It can liquefy starch to produce maltose syrup. It is used for the production of maltose syrups, beer and vinegar, etc. from liquefied starch.

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