iKnowzyme GA is glucoamylase enzyme for hydrolysis of short-chain dextrins into fermentable sugars. Use for saccharification of dextrins following mashing of cassava, potato or any other starch-based substrate prior to ethanolic fermentation.
  • Specifications
    oo Liquid

    o iKnowZyme GA 150 L
    o iKnowZyme GA 200 L
    o iKnowZyme GA 300 L

    oo Powder

    o iKnowZyme GA 200 N

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    ✓ High concentration

    ✓ Environmental-friendly

    ✓ It can be used for converting starch to glucan in ethanol industry.

    ✓ The major application of glucoamylase is the saccharification of partially processed starch/dextrin to glucose, which is an essential substrate for fermentation processes in ethanol industry.

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