Compound Enzyme iKnowZyme HTAA PLUS

iKnowZyme HTAA PLUS is compound enzyme alpha-amylase and pectinase It renovate from Bacillus licheniformis. This enzyme catalytic starch degradation and can decompose pectin from plant material. iKnowZyme HTAA PLUS possesses better heat resistance and adaptability under lower pH and calcium ionconsistency. It is applied broadly for the liquidizing process in the industry of starch sugar, ethanol,alcohol, beer, organic acid, etc. other fermented product i.e. amino acid, lactic acid, etc.
  • Specifications
    oo Liquid

    iKnowZyme  HTAA 40 PLUS

    iKnowZyme  HTAA 150 PLUS

    iKnowZyme  HTAA 180 PLUS

  • Benefits
    ✓ High concentration

    ✓ Environmental-friendly

    ✓ Wide pH stability.

    ✓ It is applied broadly for the liquefaction process in the industry of ethanol, alcohol ,etc.

    ✓ Hydrolysis of starch to products containing glucose, maltose, etc

    ✓ Reduce viscosity and improve ultra-filtration rate

    ✓ Improve the performance, Increase yield and improve product quality.

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