Compound enzyme iKnowZyme PC 50 L

iKnowZyme PC 50 L is a liquid acid cellulose and pectinase preparation. Widely used in manufacture of tomato juice, vegetable juice and wine processing. iKnowZyme PC 50 L helps to rupture the cell wall of fruits thereby facilitates the release of juice from fruits. It is food grade product.
  • Specifications
    oo Liquid
    iKnowZyme PC 50 L
  • Benefits
    ✓ High concentration

    ✓ Environmental-friendly

    ✓ Rapid viscosity reduction of juice.

    ✓ Improve the performance of juice , reduce juice expressed time.

    ✓Improved performance in evaporator during concentration

    ✓ Fruit juice color are clear

    ✓ The nature of the sediment profile fiber is very small.

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