iKnowZyme LP is Triacylglycerol lipase, which is made from camlicla lipolytica through Submerged fermentation and extraction technique.
  • Specifications
    oo Liquid
    iKnowzyme LP

    oo Powder
    iKnowZyme LP

  • Benefits
    ✓ High concentration

    ✓ Environmental-friendly

    ✓ Provides good dough stability, increased loaf volume, and a fine, white crumb appearance.

    ✓ Reduce or eliminate acidic off-flavours commonly associated with some emulsifiers.

    ✓ Effectively over a wide range of concentrations. Stability in liquid bread improvers

    ✓ Stable in aqueous bread improvers (pH 5.5, 25 ºC) and enables liquid dough-stabilizing bread improvers

    ✓ Tolerance to variations in flour quality

    ✓ Butter tolerance

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