The product is obtained by deep fermention of Aspergillus Niger. iKnowZyme Pectinase is enzyme preparation designed to juice production. Widely used in manufacture of juice, vegetable juice and wine processing. Working Mechanism: pectinase is one kind of compound bio-catalyst, with multiple ingredients. It mainly contains PMGL, PG, and PGL, PE. iKnowZyme PXC helps to rupture the cell wall of juice thereby facilitates the release of juice from fruit, pulp and peels. It is food grade product.
  • Specifications
    oo Liquid
    iKnowZyme Pectinase
  • Benefits
    ✓ High concentration
    ✓ Environmental-friendly
    ✓ Rapid viscosity reduction of juice
    ✓ Improve the performance of juice , reduce juice expressed time.
    ✓ Improved performance in evaporator during concentration
    ✓ Fruit juice color are clear
    ✓ The nature of the sediment profile fiber is very small.
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