1.Ethanol industry


If you are the one who would like to see your commercial animals e.g. cows, pigs, prawns chickens and the others to be healthy and well growth with strong bone together, Iknowzyme is your answer to bring you to achieve them. We are not just enzyme, we are enzyme technology for your development and sustainable business.

Animal feed

Type of Enzyme Product Application
Single enzyme
Phytase  iKnowzyme  Phytase Enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of phytic acid,efficient feed additive for swine and poultry feed.
Cellulase iKnowzyme AC Enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of cellulose.
Xylanase iKnowzyme XL For livestock poultry and aquatic animals Decompose xylan efficiently Decrease the viscosity of chyme in intestinal tract.
Protease iKnowzyme PT Hydrolyze most of peptide bond of protein
Mannanase iKnowzyme  MN Decompose the mannan in coconut meal and palm mealto increase the digestibility of feedstock.
Pectinase iKnowzyme  PN Decompose pectinto eliminate the restraint on nutrients and improve the Organics utilization.
Beta Glucanase iKnowzyme BGN Break down a glucan
Compound enzyme iKnowzyme NSP X 61     iKnowzyme NSP XP 615 Concentrated powder compound enzyme products, High enzyme activity and high Performance-cost ratio,Suitable for use in mash feed, concentrate and premix.

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